Reopening Guidelines For Client Business Owners

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June 23, 2020

If you’re a client of the Ward Arcuri Law Firm who owns a local business, we have put together a helpful packet just for you. We have developed a comprehensive set of plans, guidelines and best practices that can help your business reopen safely. These guidelines can help keep your employees and customers safe while avoiding any legal ramifications from violating New York State mandates, as well as practices set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Tailored Plan for Your Specific Business

Our new packet is a full set of universal best practices. Many of you have most likely already implemented a number of these into your daily lives, such as wearing a mask, sanitizing, keeping a safe social distance and more. While this is a broader, more generic set of standards, we can also tailor reopening plans specifically geared towards your business and industry.

Michael Arcuri, ESQ., explains how the reopening guidelines initiative grew to help clientele’s worksites remain safe and within legal order.

Get Your Reopening Guidelines Today

To make sure your business hits all the legal marks to ensure safety of both your employees and the public, contact us today. We will customize our Reopening Guidelines packet to best suit your business. Call our office at (315) 797-7300.