Business Succession Planning For CNY

At the Ward Arcuri Foley & Dwyer we practice business succession planning that focuses on ensuring your business legacy will be preserved the way you want it to be when it is time to transfer ownership to partners or family. We have experience working with small businesses, corporations, individuals and families. We work closely with business owners to establish a customized succession strategy that will ensure your business’ continuation, helping you relax knowing the future of your business is being handled the way you choose, according to your plan. We take the time to understand both your long-term goals and your immediate needs, applying our business knowledge and strategies to build a succession strategy that protects the business that you worked to establish. At Ward Arcuri Foley & Dwyer, we have a business attorney on staff, Michael Arcuri, who works to provide our clients with personalized service. We are able to review key corporate documents including operating agreements, corporate books, partnership agreements, wills, trusts and buy-sell agreements. The business succession planning services we provide are…  
  • Business transfer strategies 
  • Comprehensive succession planning  
  • Trust services and administration 
  • Business valuation  
  • Estate planning integration  
  • Negotiating and drafting business succession agreements  
  • Buy-sell business planning agreements  

Why Business Succession Planning Is Important 

Business succession planning is the use of estate planning strategies to implement a “survival” plan for a business if the owner needs an exit plan due to death, illness or retirement. As a business owner, you shouldn’t wait to develop a business succession plan if you want to see your business continue to run once you leave. At Ward Arcuri Foley & Dwyer, we also know that business succession planning addresses a complicated combination of personal or business challenges and decisions such as… 

  • Being able to provide for your family and your business in case of a tragedy  
  • The family dynamics surrounding ownership and asset transfer
  • Having to prepare a business transfer to employees, heirs, or outside buyers   
  • Positioning the business for a profitable sale or merger
  • Ensuring continued business growth  
  • Securing your legacy in the community   
  • Or retaining enough assets to fund your retirement  

Our Approach At Ward Arcuri Foley & Dwyer

No matter what business succession strategy you choose, Ward Arcuri Foley & Dwyer is here to help you plan your business legacy. The Firm has over 50 years of combined experience in estate planning and business succession planning law. Drew Ward, Michael Arcuri, Tim Foley and Kevin Dwyer will work diligently to make sure that the right succession strategy is created that is tailored to the needs of you and your business. Contact our office today at (315) 797-7300 or by filling out our contact form to schedule a business succession planning consultation.