What is Real Estate Law?

In simple terms, real estate or real property is land and the buildings on the land. Real estate law pertains to regulations and rules about who may own and use the land.


Refers to the purchase or sale of a home


Refers to the purchase or sale of a business or commercial property.

Real estate transactions may include legal matters such as sales, purchases, lending, titles to the property, transfer of the property, landlord-tenant issues, zoning and land use, property development, and many other legal matters.  

We Handle All Real Estate Matters 

The Ward Arcuri Law Firm provides a full range of real estate legal services including: 

  • Purchase/selling process for homes for sale 
  • Residential closings 
  • Commercial closings 
  • Mortgage lender representation 

Residential Real Estate Sales & Purchases

One of the most common transactions for people is buying or selling a home. With proper guidance from an experienced real estate attorney, the entire process can be simple and smooth. At the Ward Arcuri Law Firm, we will be able to guide you through all residential real estate transactions from meeting with a realtor to the final purchase or sale of your home.

Commercial Real Estate Sales & Purchases 

Our real estate attorney, Michael A. Arcuri, has many years of experience in commercial real estate. Michael will guide you through your commercial property needs ranging from smaller scale businesses to larger, corporate commercial real estate agreements. These are some of the transactions our firm can handle for commercial real estate:
The purchase and sale of commercial property (land and the structure attached to it)
Commercial property leases
Buying or selling of commercial property as part of a sale or purchase of a business
Construction financing
Securing a commercial real estate mortgage
Refinancing of commercial real estate mortgages 
Closing a commercial real estate transaction  
Purchase of foreclosed commercial property 
Title examinations 

Review & Drafting of Lease Agreements 

There are two common forms of lease agreements, commercial lease agreements and residential lease agreements. The Ward Arcuri Law Firm has extensive knowledge of lease agreements and is prepared to draft a specific lease agreement for you and the owner of the residential or commercial property.

Why choose the Ward Arcuri Law Firm? 

The Ward Arcuri Law Firm has over 50 years of combined experience in every aspect of the law. Our real estate attorney, Michael A. Arcuri, has extensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate law. At Ward Arcuri, we know that buying or selling property can be complicated. There is more to it than making sure your real estate contract and other documents are properly prepared. New York real estate can be complex. We have the knowledge to fully comprehend the fine print on your contract while being able to explain the legal terms to you. We will negotiate real estate transactions tailored to your particular needs. Contact our office at (315) 797-7300 or by completing our contact form to schedule a real estate law consultation.