Medicaid Planning…It’s Never Too Late To Plan

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August 24, 2012
Medicaid Planning Never Too Late

One of the most difficult, and yet rewarding things in my business is dealing with the emotions of families during the stressful time of placing a loved one in a nursing facility. The myriad of feelings they go through swing from guilt to relief as they go through the process. What nursing home facility is the best? How do we pay for it? Is it too late for Medicaid planning?

It is rarely an easy decision.

The fact is, some of the most gratifying days we have in this law firm come from that last feeling … relief. The client has to make the tough emotional choices, and our job is to offer the best legal and financial options. When a family can make the decision that is right, without the worries of the financing of the choice, their burden is lightened. Nothing makes us happier.

The most important thing for a family to know when it comes to Medicaid planning is it’s NEVER TOO LATE. We can typically save assets even if a person is in a facility and privately paying. Depending on the circumstances, we generally save 60 to 75% of their assets, and sometimes even more.

For the folks who are still out in the community, the news is typically even better.

The often worrying “5 Year Look Back” period is most usually irrelevant to our clients. Its not a marketing trick. Its a fact. 

With the knowledge of Former Director of Medicaid Recovery, Bob Malpezzi, on our team, we know all the little legal loopholes that Medicaid won’t tell you about. They aren’t loopholes that only apply to a few people. Our Medicaid planning tactics apply to 95% of our clients who are healthy for their age today.

Let us help you use the rules to your advantage. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.