Medicaid Application…Why Take Chances With It?

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January 14, 2014
Medicaid Application...Why Take Chances With It?

Anyone who has had the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with nursing homes in recent years knows that the cost of care has continued to rise faster than most any other expense. Currently, many of our local nursing home facilities cost close to or in excess of $10,000 per month. Most families look for Medicaid for assistance but have trouble accurately filling out their Medicaid application.

While no one hopes to have to spend time in a nursing home, the fact is, many of us or our loved ones will have to spend some time there towards the end of our lives. The real challenge is to plan using Medicaid so that an already difficult experience is not magnified by a huge financial burden.

Many people know that the cost of care can be covered under the Medicaid program. What they don’t know is that they have a right and ability to protect the assets they’ve spent a lifetime saving from those costs using Medicaid planning.

Utica area Attorney Drew Ward has focused his practice on this area of the law for the last 17 years. With the addition of Robert Malpezzi, former Director of Medicaid Recovery for Oneida County, to the Ward Arcuri Law Firm two years ago, the firm offers a level of knowledge unmatched in Central New York.

In fact, the Ward Arcuri Law Firm has successfully submitted more applications for clients in the last two years than all other local law firms combined, according to County sources. 

“There’s no reason to go at it alone,” says Mr. Ward. “We pride ourselves in personal service to our clients, assuring them the results we promise. The best news for applicants is that the cost of the Medicaid application process is a fee that comes out of the excluded expense side, and not the client’s saved assets, in a Medicaid application.”

“Applying for Medicaid can be a daunting process. There isn’t anyone there to help you, as the well-meaning county staff is merely there to collect information. They are not allowed to give advice on how to protect yourself.”

“We assure that the Medicaid application process is not only explained to our clients, but we assist them in following through with every step, and assure that they are qualified at the earliest possible date.”

The Ward Arcuri Law firm has been located in the Utica area for the last seven years. With offices in the Village of New Hartford, downtown Utica and on the green in Clinton. They can be contacted at 797–7300 or via our online contact form

This article was published in the Town Crier newspaper in the December 2013 issue.