Residential Real Estate

One of the most important transactions for people is buying or selling a home. With proper guidance from an experienced real estate attorney like Michael Arcuri, the entire process can be simple and smooth. At Ward Arcuri Foley & Dwyer, our real estate team will guide you through all residential real estate transactions from meeting with a realtor to the final purchase or sale of your home.

Home Buying & Selling

Buying or selling a home can be an emotional and sentimental journey. It can also feel complex and staggering. At Ward Arcuri Foley & Dwyer, it doesn’t have to be. We take great care to help you achieve your residential real estate goals. We will help you understand every step during every stage. Let us help you feel as good about the process as you do about your home.

Lease Agreements

If you are the owner of a residential property such as an apartment building, Ward Arcuri Foley & Dwyer will manage your lease agreements between you and your tenants. Residential lease agreements are binding contracts that we can create so your tenants know exactly what to expect, as well as protecting your property from liability, to the extent possible under the law.

Assistance With Your Home Purchase

We’re ready to sit down with you and go over your unique situation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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